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Merco Management, Accounting and Timesheet Software:

Merco is a management system providing managers and staff the capability to manage and control all aspects of the organisation, It also includes timesheet software allowing staff time to be recorded and tracked. Manage Customers, Suppliers, Staff, Products, Operations and at the same time process the relevant accounting transactions in an integrated way.

Merco is a unique new product that is built for the modern business:

  • True web-based management and timesheet software making it possible to roll out across the enterprise with a zero footprint on client machines reducing hardware costs, connecting people anywhere for greater productivity. 

  • Fully integrated CRM, Business Accounting Management and Timesheet software solution where changes in one area automatically update all other relevant areas eliminating time and cost from entering the same data multiple times.

  • Data Cubes give Business Intelligence technologies to extract, manipulate and report information giving you more information more easily  to make better decisions.

  • Output to Microsoft Technologies and therefore easy to integrate with Excel, Word, etc. saving time and giving you greater flexibility in handling data.

  • ERP Software with user configurable settings, menus and views so everyone has the layout they want with essential information just one click away.

  • Workflow and Timesheet software deployed to help managers control important processes such as expense management and leave processing freeing up time to work on other areas of the business.

  • Unique features such as To-Do Lists, Company Calendar, Issue Registers and and Electronic help files to help organise your work.

  • Provides users with powerful accounting software to process complex transactions and processes more easily. 

Merco gives you so much in an integrated solution:

  • Accounting module

  • Customer module (CRM)

  • Supplier module

  • Inventory module

  • Employee module

  • Operations and project module

  • Timesheet software

  • Export to CSV, Tab, XML, Excel, HTML with one click from most screens

  • Reporting in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML  with one click from most screens

  • Web based for remote access and easier maintenance

  • Time Sheet software to record , manage and charge time

  • Operations management- projects, tasks, jobs fully integrated to accounting, CRM etc.

  • Campaign management - run full email campaigns from within Merco integrated to your email

  • PDA/Smart-phone enabled to give staff access anywhere

  • Graphs/grids/cubes easily produced to provide greater operational visibility 

  • Issue register to easily lodge and track support requests or suggestions

  • Personnel management - easily record, store and access employee information quickly and record time with timesheet software

  • Share customers / suppliers across business units with a few clicks

  • Contact management integrated to the entire system with follow up alerts

  • Knowledge base to store company information centrally 

  • Customisable grids - manipulate screen data easily to save time and get the information you want

  • Multi company / business units & branches managed within one system

  • Linked correspondance, product usage, files with customers and suppliers

  • Shared company calendars for easier planning and co-ordination

  • MS office integration for greater flexibility

  • Vacancies, events & other company communication easily sent and accessed




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